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Learning and Professional Development Consulting Services

Professional development should deliver the skills and knowledge required for “personal development” and “career advancement.” We have found that businesses that invest in the people already in their organization and provide them with opportunities for advancement (as opposed to those that prematurely look outwardly for new talent) have significantly improved the overall efficiency of the organization and increased revenues.

Research shows that businesses that invest in professional development spend less on corrective action costs and non-developmental training costs, such as those an employee is required to sit through during new employee orientations. A recent Gallup survey shows that employees working for businesses that invest in professional development and employee learning are more satisfied, productive, and are intensely loyal to their workplace.

The Holloway Group, LLC collaborates with our clients to develop the most efficient and valuable paths for their employees. We offer a suite of dynamic consulting solutions across our Professional Development competency vertical that:

  • Solve training delivery, knowledge transfer and information exchange problems for corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector clients
  • Develop customized learning infrastructures for delivery of training content
  • Produce blended learning programs across multiple business disciplines and leadership development topics
  • Coach Human Resource Managers, Department Leaders and Business Owners on blended learning program development using learning management systems, e-learning tools, graphic applications, project management, and business productivity applications
  • Train clients to create strategic learning objectives (SLOs) that deliver measurable step-by-step professional development for participants of training programs

If you are developing a professional development program for employees, it pays dividends to do it right the first time.  Call us and let our professional team show you how!

Let our professional team show you how

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