For Growth Seekers

What Makes A Growth Seeker?

What separates Growth Seeker development from professional development of Teams is the dependency, trust, and accountability of each member on the outcome of their daily work.

If the members of your group collaborate for their work but aren’t dependent on each other for their daily outcomes and success, then Growth Seeker options are for you.

Our tailored growth opportunities are designed to enhance the individual skills of your team members, enriching their roles and driving personal and professional development.

Our expert-led workshops, seminars, and personalized coaching will help you or your group unlock it’s full potential.

  • Assertiveness Training & Conflict Management: Equip your group with skills to manage conflicts and communicate assertively for a respectful and productive workplace.
  • Leadership Institute: A comprehensive, master-level leadership program combining the latest theories with practical applications for emerging and seasoned leaders.
  • Lunch and Learns: Convenient one-hour seminars designed to fit into your lunch break, covering a variety of professional development topics.
  • Management Bootcamp: An interactive workshop providing essential management skills and practical strategies for both new and experienced supervisors.
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders (Seminar/Workshop)®: Enhance leadership effectiveness by developing empathy, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills through targeted exercises and insights.
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (360): The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360) measures 22 leadership behaviors to provide comprehensive feedback and actionable insights for enhancing leadership practices within your organizational culture.
  • Enneagram Personality Assessment: The Enneagram Personality Assessment identifies nine distinct personality types to enhance self-awareness, improve relationships, and support personal and professional growth.
  • HG Team Assessments: HG Team Assessments evaluate and enhance critical team dynamics, focusing on trust, conflict management, commitment, accountability, and results to foster high-performing and cohesive teams.

The Holloway Group’s Executive/Leadership Coaching program partners executives, managers, and business leaders with experienced coaches to develop personalized strategies, enhance leadership skills, and achieve professional and organizational success.