For Teams

What Determines A True Team?

We define a team by the trust, reliance, and accountability each individual in your group has for one another in achieving peak performance of their daily work.

At The Holloway Group, we specialize in transforming groups into cohesive, high-performing teams. Our proprietary M.A.D.E. framework nurtures trust, enhances communication, and strengthens team dynamics, making it perfect for organizations that prioritize unity and collective strength in their development journey.

Holloway Group’s M.A.D.E. Framework

The Holloway Group’s M.A.D.E. framework provides a comprehensive approach to team development, focusing on four key areas: Motivate/Mindset, Assessment/Analyze, Declaration/Decision, and Execute/Evaluate.

Each stage of the M.A.D.E. process is designed to nurture trust, enhance communication, and strengthen team dynamics, ensuring your team operates at peak performance. Through targeted training, thorough assessments, strategic planning, and continuous support, we transform groups into cohesive, high-performing teams.

(M) – Motivate / Mindset

Our team development begins with fostering the right mindset:

(A) – Assessment / Analyze

Next, we conduct thorough assessments to understand the team’s dynamics:

  • LEA360: A comprehensive tool measuring 22 leadership behaviors, offering feedback and insights for leadership improvement.
  • Enneagram Assessment: Identifies personality types to enhance self-awareness and improve interpersonal relationships.
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator): Understand personality preferences to foster better team communication and collaboration.
  • HG Team Assessment: Evaluates critical elements such as trust, conflict management, and accountability to build high-performing teams.

(D) – Declaration / Decision

We then facilitate a strategic planning session:

  • Facilitated Team Development Session: Collaborate with your team to create a strategic plan addressing development needs and setting actionable goals.

(E) – Execute / Evaluate

Finally, we ensure the implementation and continuous evaluation of the strategic plan:

  • Executing What Was Decided / Declared: Focus on achieving the strategic goals set during the planning session.
  • Mini Coaching (1 on 1): Offer personalized coaching to support ongoing individual and team development.

The Holloway Group’s team development programs are designed to guide your team through a structured journey, enhancing performance and achieving outstanding results.