Business/Corporate Coaching

Business/Corporate Coaching

Continuing education, certification, and professional training opportunities add value to everyone associated with your organization. At Holloway Group, LLC, our business and corporate coaching services help executives, managers, and business leaders realize their full potential. We have coached many business managers (including some Fortune 100 members and JD Power Award Winning Organizations) to advance their leadership careers and produce unprecedented results for their organizations.

Holloway Group, LLC has examined hundreds of business managers and gained vital information about their careers and life ambitions, their leadership abilities and the skills they want to develop, as well as the many barriers to success they have battled. With our long history of successfully coaching business professionals, we’ve developed a concrete and effective system to build leadership skills that help our clients achieve their business, career, and life goals.

In the HG, LLC Leadership Coaching Program, you/your employee and the coach partner to:

  • Focus on accomplishing career/business and life leadership objectives
  • Use evaluations to assess and gain understanding of your leadership and communication style/strengths
  • Create a custom plan just for you, helping you make a ‘strategy’ that leads to your definition of success
  • Learn and exercise new management, communication, and leadership skills
  • Address any barriers to success that may emerge along your coaching journey

Graduates of our business and corporate coaching program regularly report the following outcomes:

  • A better sense of self-awareness and social awareness of their workplaces
  • Improved leadership skills and assertiveness in dealing with other people
  • Skills that help manage successful relationships with colleagues and staff
  • Greater achievement in business/company goals
  • Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results
  • More esteem from their superiors, colleagues, and non-managerial staff members
  • Greater comfort and confidence in decision-making
  • Recognition and reward for accomplishments in their workplaces
  • Promotions and/or career advancement, and higher level projects
  • Enhanced organizational awareness and greater ease in navigating industry politics

Many of our clients choose to continue with coaching beyond their initial engagement. Ongoing coaching ensures continuous improvement, as you/your employee:

  • Assume and achieve advanced level professional goals
  • Continue learning about and developing your leadership strengths
  • Receive additional personalized coaching through approaching projects and important company initiatives

Realize your full potential.

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