Fundamental Workshops

Unlock the skills for success

Unlock essential skills and drive organizational success with The Holloway Group’s Fundamental Workshops. Designed for employees at all levels, our workshops focus on practical strategies for improving communication, leadership, and management capabilities. From assertiveness training to emotional intelligence development, each session is crafted to enhance individual and team performance. Join us to empower your workforce with the tools they need to excel in a dynamic business environment.

The Assertive Communication & Conflict Management Seminar/Workshop® equips teams with skills to manage conflicts and communicate assertively. It focuses on practical strategies for effective dialogue and resolving disagreements, aiming to foster a respectful and productive organizational culture. This workshop is essential for leaders and decision-makers seeking to enhance team dynamics and workplace efficiency.

  • In this workshop, you will learn:
    • How to distinguish between passive, assertive, and aggressive communication styles.
    • Techniques for effectively managing conflicts and reducing workplace tensions.
    • Strategies for conducting courageous conversations and setting clear boundaries.
  • This training is right for:
    • Employees at all levels who want to improve their communication skills.
    • Teams seeking to foster a collaborative and respectful work environment.
    • Leaders and managers looking to mitigate conflicts and enhance team dynamics.
  • Key Value Points:
    • Award-winning training recognized for impactful approach.
    • Tailored strategies for workplace communication.

This program is a Master level college course intensity.

It features monthly sessions over a nine-month period. Each session is 5-6 hours long.

For Bangor, Maine area participants, this course qualifies for 3 college credit hours at Husson University for their MBA program.

The Leadership Institute is tailored for individuals on the cusp of significant leadership roles and seasoned leaders seeking to refine their approach. This comprehensive program combines the latest leadership theories with practical applications, enhancing participants’ ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and confidently lead. It includes personal coaching to address individual leadership challenges, making it a transformative experience for personal and professional growth. This institute is essential for those dedicated to leading with integrity and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within their organizations.

  • In this workshop, you will learn:
    • Enhanced critical thinking skills required for today’s business leaders.
    • Knowledge of leadership theories applicable to various work environments.
    • Improved self-awareness and the ability to adapt to diverse personalities and situations.
  • This training is right for:
    • Emerging leaders preparing for higher responsibility.
    • Existing leaders looking to update their skills with modern leadership practices.
    • High-potential employees identified for succession planning.
  • Key Value Points:
    • Integration of current leadership practices.
    • Personalized coaching sessions.
    • Development of adaptable leadership qualities.

The Management Bootcamp Workshop & Seminar® offers a deep dive into essential management skills for both new and experienced supervisors. It tackles core areas such as coaching, performance feedback, and employee motivation with a hands-on approach, preparing leaders to drive team success and organizational improvement.

This interactive three-day (17 hours) workshop-style training will provide your frontline team leaders and middle managers with the knowledge and skills needed to coach and grow direct reports to support their learning, awareness, and effectiveness within their department(s).

By focusing on practical, real-world scenarios, this workshop ensures that participants leave with actionable strategies to enhance their leadership effectiveness and foster a culture of empowerment and accountability within their teams.

The five units of this bootcamp include:

  • Coaching for performance and employee development
  • Developing goals to achieve desired levels of performance
  • Providing effective feedback / facilitating effective 1-on-1 engagements
  • Performance management and evaluative processes
  • Emotional intelligence and effective communication

It is ideal for organizations aiming to upgrade their managerial capabilities and achieve higher performance levels.

  • In this workshop, you will learn:
    • The benefits of adopting a coaching style over traditional supervisory methods.
    • Techniques for goal setting, motivating employees, and providing effective feedback.
    • How to empower employees to take control and accountability for their performance.
  • This training is right for:
    • New and seasoned supervisors seeking to enhance their managerial skills.
    • HR professionals looking to develop coaching and mentoring skills within their organization.
    • Leadership development coordinators focusing on practical, hands-on managerial training.
  • Key Value Points:
    • Interactive and practical learning.
    • Focus on motivational techniques.
    • Enhances managerial effectiveness.

The Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Seminar/Workshop® is specifically designed for managers and leaders looking to deepen their emotional intelligence to lead more effectively. It addresses the critical need for empathy, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills in leadership roles. Through targeted exercises and insights, participants will learn to navigate complex emotional landscapes within their teams, make more informed decisions, and cultivate a supportive and high-performing work environment. This workshop is pivotal for those committed to leadership excellence and organizational growth.

  • In this workshop, you will learn:
    • Emotion management techniques to enhance personal effectiveness.
    • How to sense and respond appropriately to the non-verbal signals of others.
    • Methods to develop emotional intelligence through engaging exercises and assessments.
  • This training is right for:
    • Managers and supervisors aiming to improve their leadership skills.
    • Individuals responsible for leading teams and projects.
    • HR professionals and organizational development specialists focusing on cultural excellence.
  • Key Value Points:
    • Focus on critical leadership skills.
    • Techniques for psychological safety.
    • Cultivating positive peer relationships.

HG has a bevy of seminars designed to fit into your lunch hour. This timing allows your employees to learn a new skill while they munch on lunch together (live) or from their desks (virtually).
These one-hour seminars can be customized to your organizational desires, but please see the list of available L&L sessions we currently offer here.

  • Accountability for Organizations & Teams
  • Coping Skills & Stress Management
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence for the Milieu
  • Leading & Managing Yourself
  • Social Intelligence at Work
  • Time & Priority Management