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Assertive Communication & Conflict Management

If you are looking for effective communication training for your business, look no further.

For the second consecutive year (2019 & 2020), Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM) members have declared our “Assertive Communication & Conflict Management Seminar/Workshop” the #1 Business Professional Development Training in Northern New England.

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This seminar and workshop provides the most bang for your buck and yields results that participants are able to use right away.  We believe in this offering so much that we issue a money back guarantee for all participants.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our “HG® Assertive Communication & Conflict Management Seminar” we will return 100% of your investment!

To have this award-winning seminar/workshop at your workplace and/or location choice, please contact us today! You’ll be amazed at the quality and affordability of this offering!

To attend as an individual please sign up during our 2021 seminar season. (January – March)

Topics include:

  • Distinguishing between passive, passive-aggressive, assertive, and aggressive behaviors
  • Identifying personal/work situations and obstacles that challenge assertive behavior
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your assertiveness style
  • Identifying ways to reduce conflict
  • Differentiating the verbal and nonverbal communication styles of men and women
  • Listening and responding assertively to feedback and criticism



Upon completion of HG’s Assertive Communication & Conflict Management, Seminar & Workshop, it is expected participants will have the tools and techniques to:

  • Confidently handle disagreements, disappointments and inappropriate behavior
  • Handle their own strong emotions and those of others
  • Minimize misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • Avoid dominating or taking advantage of others
  • Defuse resentments with colleagues, customers and all other workplace relationships
  • Conduct courageous conversations in an appropriate and timely fashion
  • Set clear boundaries and expectations with others
  • Minimize guilt when saying “No”
  • Use conflict situations as opportunities to create positive change and better results
  • Get needs met ethically and with the support of others

You’ll be amazed at the quality and affordability of this offering!

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